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Dongguan Bless Sportswear Co., Ltd specializes in sports yoga apparel, boasting 14 years of design and production expertise. We focus on high-quality, custom sportswear to meet global demands. Our range includes yoga pants, shorts, bras, jackets, and vests, crafted with top materials and modern designs for an optimal yoga experience.

With over 100 skilled workers and a 4,000+ square meter facility, we leverage 8 advanced digital printers and a computerized cutting machine, enhancing efficiency and product consistency. Our factory is BSCI and SGS certified, highlighting our commitment to social responsibility and quality. These certifications ensure international labor standards compliance and product safety.
Committed to innovation, Dongguan Bless Sportswear Co., Ltd strives to lead in the sports yoga apparel sector. We continuously improve production and quality, seeking new markets. Our dedication and excellence aim to earn global customer trust and support.

Unleashing Manufacturing Excellence: Your Custom Yogawear Manufacturer

More than 14 years experience factory help you customize yoga apparel products for your own brand.
We can customize styles according to different client needs. We have the highest quality yoga apparel fabrics, many of which are similar to Lululemon. Our materials include nylon and spandex, polyester and elastane, offering four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, breathable, and nonlook through. Additionally, we offer a range of recycled nylon and recycled polyester fabrics, all of which are certified high-quality materials. Our goal is to provide our customers with superior fabrics.


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